Independents Day Burn


Crossroads of America

June 30th - Indiana

All are welcome, near and far details provided to those who Declare their Independence

 Participate -> Play -> Progress

Petition Deadline - June 30th


Signatures to get on the ballot

Republican & Democrat - 4,500

Independent - 26,669

Yep - Rigged

So let's just fix it

Make History

Act Now

Together our voices are


When I left San Francisco and set out for my home, it was with one goal in mind. To plant a flag in the Crossroads of America as a signal it’s possible to make a change. The fear I’d felt watching our government be vastly outpaced by the speed of technology and the influence of anti-democratic trends convinced me that an update was needed - fast. That meant running for the U.S. Senate, overcoming fear, and finding a solution.


The solution I’m championing is Liquid Democracy. Technology can bring us together, and give us a voice. This means we’ll have to work to overcome the obstacles of this nascent way of governing, but I hope some of you will agree it’s a reasonable path forward and worth pursuing.


However, in order to start solving problems, we need to put Indiana’s first independent on the ballot - no small feat with over 26k signatures needed. Getting your signature will help. Getting enough signatures will start a movement.


To celebrate, we’re holding  an “Independents Day Burn” - a day about overcoming the false dichotomy of the two-party system. As a builder and an artist, I couldn’t think of a better way to address our current division than to literally build it and burn it down to make space for a new way forward.  


We need to act now as we only have a few more weeks until June 30th to get past the first hurdle. Sign below, contribute a few dollars and spread the word - fast. I want June 30th to be an amazing gathering of independent spirits, but I need your help to spread the word.


Make a positive change in American democracy with me - together we can pioneer the future of independence.

Nathan Altman

aka: Mary Poppins