The deadline is June 30th

Anyone is welcome to sign the petition to get an independent on the ballot for the U.S. Senate this November. Help put People over Party.

If you believe your voice should matter, this moment is for you.

Did you know...

Republican & Democrats only have to collect 4,500 ballot petition signatures, whereas Independents have to collect 26,669.

Crossroads of America


4 years ago I moved on from leading a large company to pursue my passion as an artist and a builder. During that time, I was asked to lead what would become one of the greatest highlights of my career:


Constructing a vast but temporary city in the desert, built with a culture of inclusion, participation and civic responsibility. Together we designed and created art the size of apartment buildings, while we relished the painstaking work of the process. We got to celebrate hope and rebirth as we watched the art of our city burn.


But for me, that all came to a stop.


Like so many of you, I realized our government was in turmoil and that fear set in. I couldn’t stand idle any longer. I noticed people around me weren’t participating because they didn’t feel represented… like their vote didn’t matter.


What's even more frustrating… Seeing the same representatives elected term after term and no change taking place. It’s insanity! Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I was convinced then, and still am, that change is needed - fast. So, I jumped.


I stepped down from my job. Emptied my savings and set a course back home to Indiana. The goal: to plant a flag square at the Crossroads of America. A flag signalling an opportunity to take 1 of 100 U.S. Senate seats, as an independent, and prove there is a better model of representation. One where I can put people over party, ultimately changing the game for all Americans.


But this only works if we act NOW and act together.


The plan for us is simple:

  • Get on the ballot

  • Win the election

  • Implement Liquid Democracy - A system that will actually put the power back into your hands.


But if you don’t ACT NOW then you have lost an opportunity to really make a difference. You’ll be stuck waiting ANOTHER 4 years.


The deadline is June 30th. If you believe your vote should matter, this moment is for you.


Take 30 seconds, sign the petition at, and share this with your friends and family who deserve to be heard as well. A signature isn’t a vote for me - it’s an opportunity for you to make an impact.


When you find yourself at a crossroads, you have a choice.

Nathan Altman

aka: Mary Poppins